What Are Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business?

Online marketing strategies for small business must be incorporated into your business plan. Are you a little unsure of exactly what they are... and how to successfully implement them into your business plans?

Agencies such as Growth & Profitability can provide you with expert advice on how to formulate strategies that drive sales and cause profits to soar.

Online marketing strategies are very similar to traditional marketing strategies in their intent and purpose in that their primary aim is to increase brand awareness and attract new customers to the company. Also commonly referred to as digital marketing, online marketing strategies are becoming a more and more essential component in a company’s overarching operational strategies as the internet changes the ways in which customers shop and interact with brands and businesses.

Regardless of company size, businesses need to acknowledge the importance of developing online marketing strategies for business and allocating adequate resources to ensure that these are implemented and delivered successfully. Online marketing is a relatively broad term and covers a number of different marketing aspects - from content creation, to SEO optimization and social media management.

There is certainly no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to online marketing strategies; however based on your particular business model, niche and customer demographic, you should aim to formulate a structured plan accordingly and we are readily available to assist you in doing so.

If we were to try to break down the concept of online marketing strategies for small business, we would find 5 distinct subcategories which could be summarized as:


Producing high quality, engaging content on your site


Direct marketing through newsletters and other communication methods


Successful management of social media accounts that epitomize brand values


(Search Engine Optimization)

Optimizing site and its contents so that they rank well in search engine results.


Communicating your business and contact details to Google so that you are easily reachable

Our team is comprised of established professionals with substantial experience in all of these areas. Whether you want to concentrate on improving one particular section of your online marketing or developing an overarching strategy which combines several, we have the know how to deliver results.

Why Are Online Marketing Strategies Important For Your Small Business?

Online marketing strategies for small business is important because they get your business and its products directly in front of those who are most likely to be interested in them. 
To not implement online marketing strategies as part of your overall operational strategy would be at a detriment to your business.

Even if a business produces the best products or services in their field, if nobody knows about them and the company doesn’t make an effort to market themselves sufficiently then ultimately, the business will not enjoy the sales and success that it deserves.

The beauty of online marketing is that it can be implemented with minimum costs associated and here at Growth & Profitability we want to show you precisely how. Setting up and maintaining social media accounts to promote your brand, or producing high quality content that draws more customers to your website is a far more cost effective option than the traditional methods of advertising such as paying for promotional space or creating advertising materials.

By working with experts like us, you can save money on your marketing budget.

Developing Online Marketing Strategies with the Help of an Agency Like Growth & Profitability Can Help Your Business Grow 

Online marketing strategies are diverse, but there are a number of ways in which they can help your business to grow. Sometimes it helps to have an outsider provide a fresh perspective on the way in which you are currently operating which is where we come in.

  • Online marketing strategies for small business can help new customers to discover you - Search engine optimization for your website and the content within it makes your business discoverable by Google. If your site is able to rank well for certain keywords (i.e. it is listed on the first page, and within the first handful of results when someone searches a particular phrase) then it can draw in more potential customers in the form of people who stumble across your site when researching for information associated with a particular keyword. If you are not familiar with SEO techniques, they can seem a little complex initially, but we can help you to integrate them into your online content seamlessly. 

  • Online marketing strategies for small business make you easily reachable - Local search marketing, aka listing your business address and contact details online via a search engine like Google makes it easy for interested customers to simply enter your business name and be able to reach you. If you do not register your business in this manner, you could risk lost sales and custom when customers give up on their search for you after not being able to find contact details. 

  • Online marketing strategies help small business assert themselves as industry experts - Content marketing is one example of online marketing strategies that enable businesses to assert themselves as being industry experts. Online content marketing can exist in the form of blogs, digital articles, and other online forms. When paired with SEO (i.e. the content produced is written with this in mind), content marketing can work to drive traffic and customers to the website. By creating high quality web content, businesses assure their site visitors and customers that they are interested in helping them, rather than simply trying to sell them something. 

  • Online marketing strategies can be subtle - With content marketing and social media marketing in particular, it is possible to influence a person to make a purchase, or engage in another call to action without them really feeling as though they are being sold something. Social media marketing for example can ignite a person’s intrigue with stunning visuals, and content marketing can include a subtle call to action at the close of the post - for example, a link to a product or sales landing page. 

  • Online marketing strategies for small business help to promote and build a brand presence - Social media marketing is one arm of online marketing strategies that aids a business in developing an online brand presence. Social media marketing can be used to serve a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used as customer service (on Twitter and Facebook for example) and it can be used to promote offers or new products (i.e. image of a new product launch on Instagram).

  • Online marketing enables direct access to consumers - Online marketing in the form of email marketing enables you to access your customers directly via their inbox. Through creating and sharing engaging content on your website, site visitors will feel compelled to subscribe to your mailing list which opens up a plethora of marketing direct opportunities for you. Through email marketing, you can distribute a newsletter or other regular communications that enable you to promote your products, or share particular offers with your subscribers.

Online marketing strategies are diverse, but there are a number of ways in which they can help your business to grow. Sometimes it helps to have an outsider provide a fresh perspective on the way in which you are currently operating which is where we come in.

Online marketing strategies are diverse, but there are a number of ways in which they can help your business to grow. Sometimes it helps to have an outsider provide a fresh perspective on the way in which you are currently operating which is where we come in.