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Should You Hire an Event Management Company?

Any convention, tradeshow, conference, or meeting you host is a direct reflection of your business and...believe it or not, your client and company culture too! If anything goes awry, it could severely damage your company’s overall brand… Which directly correlates to your bottom line! That’s exactly why many businesses turn to a professional event management company.  This will ensure that the look, the feel, and the brand experience is flawlessly presented.

After all, you may only put on a few events a year, while our event management and production team polishes our skills day in and day out. We produce all types of events within a number of different industries.  Which provides us a broad view of what makes an event fly and what makes one flop. By hiring a professional, you can tap into their expertise to ensure your events, large and small, proceed without a hitch. 

Just a few of the services the award wining Growth & Profitability Event Team Offers:

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By definition, an event management company is a professional firm hired to organize special events for businesses or individuals. These events might include awards ceremonies, product launches, product presentations, workshops, employee meetings, special announcements, site openings, shareholder meetings, or even holiday celebrations.   

The award winning event team at the Growth & Profitability Agency is constantly refining their processes to make sure they are staying on top of changes in their industry, as well as new factors that can affect your event. 

Whether you have 100 guests or 10,000, we can execute a top-notch event that will up-level your company’s brand leaving your prospects and competitors in awe! We also bring a number of other advantages that make them well worth the investment. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why your business should consider hiring the Growth & Profitability Event Management Team to produce your next conference, convention, or trade show:

  1. To Save Time.
    Because events are usually special occasions rather than everyday occurrences, you and your staff are likely not expert event producers.  Rather than trying to educate yourself about the intricacies of A/V equipment, seating, catering, and all the other hundreds of details involved in putting on a special occasion, you can turn to our event team.

    The Growth & Profitability Event Team will come equipped with the experience necessary to produce a top-notch event of any size. And because we have the resources, rolodex, and processes your staff doesn’t, we’ll be able to jump right in and keep you on schedule.

    Your staff won’t have to field calls from the AV guy, take time away from their regular duties to go check out venues, or add hundreds of other tasks to their already full to-do list. Instead, we will handle everything with speed and efficiency, letting you and your team focus on exactly what YOU do best!

  2. To Save Money.
    One of the biggest objections to hiring a professional event producer is the cost. If you look at the investment alone, you may wonder why you should pay someone to “organize a meeting.” But an event management company is worth it’s weight in gold!  Usually we can SAVE our clients tens of thousands simply because we are seasoned!

    We are highly skilled in contract negotiations, and are easily able to identify where charges are exorbitant or unnecessary, which lowers your overall costs. And we often have pre-existing relationships  with rental companies, caterers, and other service providers. Which means we are easily able to tap into our networks to get you lower rates than you would be able to achieve on your own.

    Therefore, hiring a professional event management firm your event ends up costing less than it would if you’d tried to handle it all in-house!
  3. To Save Stress
    When it comes events of any size there are so many intricate details. You may not even be aware of the various issues that could possibly arise. That means it’s not until you’re confronted with a problem that you realize you have no idea how to handle it!

    But when you hire the Growth & Profitability Event Team, we take the burden of problem-solving off you and your team. We have already experienced almost every challenge that could arise during your conference, convention, or tradeshow.  We know how to check and double-check the potential problem areas.

    Our team is armed with the battle scars, experience, and solutions to handle anything from a power outage to a shortage of waitstaff. This way you can focus on connecting with your guests, and building your business, rather than trying to handle all the inevitable problems, large and small, that can arise.
  4. To Have a Point Person
    When organizing an event, there are hundreds of decisions - some large, some small - to make and manage. Different people or departments within your organization may be responsible for different elements of the event. For instance, your human resources group might be responsible for the guest list, while the marketing team needs to put together the product presentation, and the facilities department is hanging signage.

    Without having one knowledgeable project manager, it’s easy for details to get lost and balls to get dropped. Having one person who manages the timeline, budget, and details is essential to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

  5. To Make Sure You’re Doing It Right
    Let’s face it, you are an industry leader, an expert in your niche, not an expert at producing events. Nothing is worse than being thrown into a job that you aren’t prepared to handle properly. Because you don’t spend your days planning events, you may not know if you want boardroom, herringbone or banquet seating for your event. You may not know how many parking places and valets you need for a crowd of 500. You may not know if you need an insurance rider if you’re hosting the event on your property.

    An event management company does know these answers, as well as answers to the questions you don’t even know enough to ask. Hiring a professional means your event is planned and precisely executed, even if you’ve never hosted one before. 

When you bring in the the Growth & Profitability Event Team to orchestrate your next event - soup to nuts - you get the invaluable benefit of a dedicated team who is highly skilled and experienced. Leave the details to the experts who live and breathe events, and you can be assured you’re offering your guests, attendees, or employees the very best.